So what is City of Promises? Many things, not the least quite beautiful and more than substantial: three volumes running to just over one thousand pages, deftly produced by New York University Press, with ample illustrations and snugly housed in an attractive slipcase suggesting care and stature…

Individually and collectively, the volumes mark
a new high in American urban, ethnic, and religious history. These are wonderful books, testaments to the best in American history. They deserve wide attention as reconstructions of a remarkable past and as models for many more like them.

A wonderful book review of City of Promisesour three-volume history of the Jews of New York, just appeared in the Journal of the American Jewish Archives! Read the full version here.

Deborah Dash Moore, general editor of City of Promises: The History of the Jews in New York, discusses the forthcoming books. 

& Kirkus Reviews says: “This ambitious three-volume history…provides a lively, much-needed overview of the role that Jews have played in the history and success of the Big Apple, helping to transform it into ‘a city of promises, some fulfilled, some pending, some beckoning new generations.’”